Women’s Hiking Backpack: A Few Good Options

July 2, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hiking Backpack

It pays to know what to look for in a good women’s hiking backpack. For one, you need to pick a hiking backpack that is of the right size and which is adequate to bear the kind of loads you plan on carrying on your back. This in turn means that you should select a women’s hiking backpack that is not too large and which makes use of compression straps that can be adjusted in order to help you carry small loads without causing any loss of balance.

The North Face Crestone 60 Backpack

Fortunately, there are many excellent women’s hiking backpacks to choose from. The North Face Crestone 60 Backpack is one of the better options and it is well liked for its versatility and for its ability to be used on long trips that may even span multiple days. In addition, it is also equally useful for crashing out in a youth hostel as it is for taking to the backcountry and best of all it is specially adaptable for use on slender shoulders and smaller torsos.

The Arc Teryx Bora 75 is another good example of women’s hiking backpack and it in fact has been designed to ensure that a woman can easily take enough gear to last for lengthy hiking trips. It boasts of excellent aluminum stays and a HDPE backsheet and outstanding suspension. This women’s hiking backpack provides you with rock solid stability and it is sure to fit very comfortably on your shoulders and it has special back panel to ensure that you can carry heavier loads with minimum fuss or discomfort.

The Osprey Packs Luna 70 is yet another excellent example of women’s hiking backpack. It is sturdy and can easily be used for mountaineering and it is large enough to ensure that you are able to take plenty of gear with you for extended hiking trips. Its suspension is truly burly and it provides superior support and the entire load is well distributed to ensure a more comfortable experience and special mention should also be made of its dual density shoulders as well as hip belt (thermo-moldable BioForm) that ensures a snug fit at all times.

Also, you would do well to also check out other women’s hiking backpacks including Kelty Shadow Backpack which is ultra-light despite this lightness of weight it allows you to carry especially heavy loads without breaking or causing discomfort.

Travel backpacks are now much favored by those people that have become dedicated hikers as well as by those that simply want to take an occasional hiking holiday. These backpacks are very convenient and they have the ability to hold all your essential hiking gear items and so obviate the need to use a normal travel bag for the purpose.