Why Should Buy JanSport Backpacks?

July 2, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Backpack Tips

Even non-campers know the brand name JanSport.  JanSport backpacks are the most well known and well loved packs in the camping equipment industry.  Most reputable outdoor sporting goods retailers carry JanSport products, and they sell tons of them every year.  JanSport makes a lot of products.  While they are best known for their durable and reliable backpacks, they also make outdoor clothing including sweatshirts and jackets, luggage, laptop computer bags, book bags, and many other items.  But of course, our primary focus is their wide variety of JanSport backpacks.

JanSport backpacks come in all different types.  Anything you could possibly be looking for in a pack, you can find in JanSport backpacks.  Whether you are a camper, a hiker, a hunter, a skier, a fisherman, or a climber, JanSport makes a pack for you.  They offer both internal frame packs and external frame packs.  Internal frame packs are taller and narrower than external frame packs.  The frame is integrated into the interior of the pack, which is of course why they are called internal frame backpacks. Internal frame packs have aluminum stays that are hollow.  Aluminum is an incredibly strong and light weight metal, so you don’t have to worry about any added weight.  Some of the packs have an additional external bar that is part of the frame. This bar helps distribute weight on your body to make your journey pleasant and comfortable.  As with most internal frame packs, there are a lot of compression straps on the outside of the pack.  This helps with load stabilization and keeps the pack from slipping on your back.

JanSport backpacks are almost all waterproof and have reinforced stitching to prevent tearing when you throw them off after a long day of outdoor adventures.  JanSport backpacks offer adjustable torso straps and shoulder straps, as well as padded shoulder harnesses and hip belts.  Some of the larger packs have a detachable top pocket that converts to a hip pouch for easy access to things like compasses and maps.  All of the JanSport backpacks seem to have water bottle access that is easy to get to while you are hiking.  Some JanSport backpacks have an extendable pocket in the lid to put more oddly shaped items in, and all of the packs have mesh pockets.  These mesh pockets (some are external, other internal) make it much easier to find your gear.

In general, JanSport backpacks have between 4 and 7 compartments for your gear, and some of the larger packs actually have dividers in the main compartments.  These dividers work to help you organize your gear and to separate your dirty and clean clothing and gear.