The Beauty of Camping with Backpacks

July 2, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Backpack Tips

There are several different types of camping people enjoy participating in.  Some consider reserving a family cabin at a resort complete with a kitchen and full modern appliances camping.  Others feel camping at a campsite where you can pull your vehicle right up to the site is camping.  And still other brave souls are truly at home camping in primitive sites.  That means carrying all of your gear, food, and necessities in with you.  The most logical piece of equipment to have in this situation is a good, well made backpack.  After all, it will be the easiest way to get all of your belongings into the deep outdoors.  Camping with backpacks being the only way to transport necessary items takes preparation and thought on the part of the participants.

Several companies make backpacks that are up to the challenge.  There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a backpack for this type of camping.  Choose one with a built in hydration system.  Clean, cool water will make a huge difference when you are trekking miles with a heavy load to the campsite.  Be sure the backpack is equipped with places to put emergency items like first aid kits and cell phones, if service is available.  Camping with backpacks is perfectly safe, but you never know when someone will be injured in your backyard, let alone in the great, natural outdoors.  Another feature a backpack should have is sturdy comfortable straps for the shoulders and back.  A waist strap is good too, as it limits the movement of the pack on your back and can reduce chaffing.

If you are into primitive camping, a tent may not be your best bet.  If you decide to take a tent, make it a one or two man model.  Many people go camping with backpacks with just a sleeping bag.  Your backpack should be equipped with a strap to hold a rolled up sleeping bag with.

Camping with backpacks is a great way to reconnect with nature and yourself.  Long time experts at this form of camping continue to go for a variety of reasons.  Some are addicted to the solitude and temporarily getting away from modern conveniences and, let’s face it, nuisances.  Others go with other people and find it a great way to enjoy, learn, and appreciate nature.  There is a special peace and tranquility that comes with being out in the natural beauty of the woods.  Camping with backpacks allows for greater freedom than campgrounds.  After all, there are no neighbors to be concerned about disturbing with a late night chat or long lines at the bathhouse.