The Backpack: A Camper’s Camel

July 2, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Backpack Tips

Everyone knows that campers and hunters need a place to keep and carry their gear.  When perusing the camping supply aisles in stores, you may have noticed how overwhelming it is to find a backpack large enough to carry all of the necessary items you will need on your adventure in the great outdoors.  Sometimes you may have wondered if bringing a pack mule or a camel would be a benefit for the serious backpack camper.  However, if you have a good backpack, you won’t need to bring along a four-legged beast to cart your gear – you’ll only need your shoulders.

Many backpack campers and even some overnight hunters carry way too much on their trips into the wilderness, and often find themselves lugging around too many unnecessary items.  But no matter what you feel you need to carry with you on your outdoor travels, you need a place for all of it.  Many backpack manufacturers have taken this into account and have come up with solutions to your backpack problems.  Whatever your backpack needs, you can find a backpack to suit them.

You will definitely need a place for things like rain gear, food, and plenty of water.  You may also want to bring along field dressing gear or your first aid kit – remember, this is very important, especially if you will be camping or hunting in an area that is far from immediate help should an accident occur.  Since you will be bringing so many different and important items, you will want to be certain that your backpack is made of a lightweight material.  That way you will not have to drag around a huge heavy backpack with gear that also weighs a ton.

But remember that the weight of the backpack is not nearly as important as the durability of the material.  Your backpack should be made of strong, water-proof material.  The backpack should be able to withstand hard wind, heavy rain and snow, and you should be able to basically throw it on the ground and not worry about it tearing or leaking water onto your gear.  Many camping gear companies now coat their backpack material with silicone to make it more durable and water proof.

Weight displacement is also extremely important for those campers who are traveling long distances.  A wider backpack will make the weight of the pack lay on a larger portion of your back, and that will ultimately make carrying the backpack easier on your shoulders and back.  Another important consideration is the functionality of the design of the bag.  There should be pockets on the outside so you can easily access your water supply, and there should be interior mesh pockets to organize smaller gear items.  Also, having a lot of padding on your shoulder straps will help your comfort level immensely.