Pros and Cons Of A Kids Wheeled Backpack

July 2, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Kids Backpack

Children these days sometimes use a wheeled bag to bring their stuff to school. A kids wheeled backpack is actually a common things for some countries especially those with no lockers to accommodate the students things. There are a lot of pros and cons regarding a kids wheeled backpack and these pros and cons should actually be considered when thinking of buying one for your child.

For those who are not aware of how a kids wheeled backpack may look like, it is actually a standard backpack with wheels attached at the bottom of the bag (sometimes two, sometimes four wheels) and a retractable handle at the top of the backpack protruding from back [art of the bag. The main concept of a kids wheeled backpack is to use the wheels to drag the backpack along.

Advantages Of A Kids Wheeled Backpack

This kind of bag is actually quite advantageous for kids and smaller children. The kids wheeled backpack comes in different sizes in accordance to the ages of the children who need these. Compared to a kids sports backpack, a wheeled one can actually carry more things since it is actually built to accommodate more than its fair share of books and school supplies. This is one of the advantages of a kids wheeled backpack. The fact that it can be dragged or pulled along by a child means that it is quite easy to pull compared to it being worn when it is full of heavy things. The wheels are the advantage of this type of backpack.

Another advantage of the kids wheeled backpack is that it can actually be stood upright when stored in the classroom to make for better rooting around for school supplies and books. This advantage means that the books and other school supplies inside will not get too messy compared to standard backpacks that do not have the framing that comes with the handle attached to it.

Disadvantages Of A Kids Wheeled Backpack

This type of backpack also have disadvantages that include being too heavy as is due to the wheels and the handle frame that is attached to the body of the backpack.  These are additions that contribute to the kids wheeled backpack being heavier than other standard backpacks. This means that these are usually used with the wheels feature instead of the strap features. The additional weight also adds to the weight of the school books and supplies which can be dangerous when the bag is dragged upstairs or up a ramp. The weight can pull the child down and cause accidents.