Kids’ Backpacks: Why They Need Them

July 2, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Kids Backpack

Parents may be so used to carrying their children’s possessions that when the time comes to take Junior on his first camping trip, they may be tempted to just carry all of Junior’s gear for him.  This is a bad idea for many reasons.  As an experienced camper, you know how important it is to learn what to pack, how much your gear weighs, and how to cut down on the amount of stuff you bring so you can get around as easily as possible.  Children won’t learn these things unless they have the experience of packing their own kids’ backpacks and being responsible for their own gear.

Kids’ backpacks need to fit properly.  It is just as important to fit your kids’ backpacks as it is to fit your own.  It may be even more important if your child is new to camping and has a tendency to be uncomfortable doing new things.

Many kids’ backpacks have optional torso adjustments so you can adjust the length of the backpack up or down the backpack frame to fit your child’s height.  Kids’ backpacks that load from the top are often the easiest for them to use because there are not too many large side pockets.  Also, a top pocket makes it easy to put a sleeping bag or any other gear in the pack.  You want to make sure that the waist belt on the kids backpack adjusts to fit the size of your child.  Some kids’ backpacks have little pockets attached to the waistband.  These pockets are located on the child’s front and they can use the pockets for little items they may pick up on the trail.  Or, these pockets can hold small toys.

You may want to choose kids’ backpacks with easy access pouches for water bottles.  Some even come with liter sized bottles that have a tube to make drinking from the bottle easy – the child does not even have to take the bottle out of the pack to drink.

Certain kids’ backpacks offer a handle on the top of the pack.  This allows the parent to help the child put on the pack by making it easy to lift the pack from above.  Zippered pockets on the top of the backpack allow the child to keep their toys or flashlights in a safe place.  Zippered pockets on the bottom of the pack give your child a place to store his dirty laundry or muddy shoes so the clean clothing and gear doesn’t get dirty.  Also, look into finding kids’ backpacks with mesh pockets.  This will help your child find his gear quickly.