Choosing School Backpacks

July 2, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ School Backpack

When children are just starting out in school, whether for pre school or kindergarten, they are almost always excited about buying their first backpack.  This is a right of passage that many little ones don’t soon forget.  School backpacks are available in a wide range of colors, themes, and styles.  It’s simply a matter of deciding which one is best for the student.  For most parents price range and durability are considerations as well.  Starting school backpack shopping early is a great way to find the perfect backpack at the best price for each specific student’s needs.

Young children have a lot of choices when it comes to their school backpacks.  Popular cartoon character packs are often their first choice.  Little girls tend to like the Disney Princess line or flower and butterfly design.  A drawback for parents with these school backpacks is that they are usually pastel colors and get dirty easily.  Staying on top of cleaning is vital for keeping these backpacks looking fresh.  Young boys find everything from skateboard friendly versions to action character backpacks appealing.  The color choice is usually easier to keep clean.  When picking a backpack for either gender in this age group, parents want to be sure the product is durable and well made.  If it looks like it will fall apart in a few weeks, then it isn’t a good buy even if it is a child’s favorite character theme.

Older students, like high school and college age kids, have a lot of choice in school backpacks as well.  Many styles are equipped to carry a laptop and other electronic devices that become so important at these levels.  College students on a large campus would benefit from choosing a backpack style with wheels for those long walks to class.  Some high schools don’t recommend the rolling design because they don’t fit in lockers very well.  Like designs for the younger kids, these backpacks come in a huge variety of colors, designs, materials, and styles.  Spending a little more on a backpack at this stage is a good idea.  The well made backpack will stand up to use longer and older students are more likely to take care of the product.  Using one of the well designed school backpacks is a useful tool in keeping school supplies and assignments organized.

Regardless of age and education level, school backpacks are an incredibly important school supply.  If worn correctly they protect developing backs and shoulders and make staying organized easier.  Besides, it’s just a lot of fun to decide on one of the many styles and colors available.